Below is a list of some of the major players with a short bio of each:

NABU NA'ID, an historical personage and the primary subject of this trilogy, was king of Babylon from 556 B.C. to 539 B.C.  He was perhaps the world's first true archaeologist, an internationally respected diplomat, and a religious reformer.  Commonly called NABONIDUS in modern history books.

ADAD GUPPI, an historical personage and Nabu Na'id's mother, lived well over a hundred years and served nearly a dozen different kings covering the end of the Assyrian Empire and the entire history of the Neo-Babylonian Empire.  She was High Priestess of the Moon God cult, and she desired to re-establish the ancient worship of her God Nanna-Suen throughout Babylonia and beyond.

DANNIYA marat NEBUCHADNEZZAR, pseudo fictional daughter of Nebuchadnezzar and wife of Nabu Na'id.

KASHSHAYA marat NEBUCHADNEZZAR, an historical personage and daughter of Nebuchadnezzar.  Wife of the historical general Nabu Shum Ukin.

BELSHAZZAR mar NABU NA'ID, an historical personage and son of Nabu Na'id and grandson of Nebuchadnezzar.

ABBI LOUSHLIMA NAFISHTI, a fictional High Priest of the Marduk temple.  A life long rival of Nabu Na'id.

MARDUK NURI mar ABBI LOUSHLIMA NAFISHTI, fictional son of the Marduk High Priest, and chief acolyte in the Marduk temple.  Developing aspirations for the throne himself, he beds both of Nebuchadnezzar's daughters, Danniya (Nabu Na'id's queen), and the former queen Kashshaya.

RESHI HAQIQI, a pseudo fictional business tycoon and employer of 60,000 persons.

TABNIYYA-ISHTAR marat RESHI HAQIQI, she is the stunningly beautiful, and sexy, fictional daughter of Reshi Haqiqi. 

SHUBAAT-AGABI mar ILI SHAMASH, a fictional musician and sometimes love interest of Tabniyya-Ishtar

KHURUSHU, real name of Cyrus II (the Great) king of Persia, and an historical personage.  Plays the role of the "heavy" in The Last King of Babylon trilogy.

YA'QUB ben YIDHHAQ, a fictional scribe and close confidant for Nabu Na'id.

RAFI'A RUHEEM bin BA'LIMAWT, a fictional necromancer and seducer of Babylon's queen Danniyah marat Nebuchadnezzar.

CROESUS, an historical character and king of Lydia in Western Asia Minor.  In Book one, he sides with Khurushu (Cyrus the Great) in battles against Nabu Na'id, and then in book three he seeks Nabu Na'id's aid against that same Khurushu, king of Persia.